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Activities that are useful for our mental wellbeing

By Sanchia Aronberg
Monday, May 18, 2020

Stronger you – top tips on being more resilient

Over two months on lockdown (or more for some), how are you doing?

Have you noticed an increase in articles and posts on social media about how to get through this pandemic? I have seen a number of social media posts shared recently, many very useful and many helping us consider how we live our lives and how we can tweak and change the way we do things.

In this blog I explore some activities that are useful for our mental wellbeing. The most important thing to remember that right now, there is no wrong or right, everyone will process things in their own way. Some posts have not been so useful, the worst one I have seen is “if you don’t come out of this with a new skill, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline”.

This is so detrimental to our wellbeing for a number of reasons, the number one reason being we are constantly asking ourselves if we are DOING ENOUGH!! Asking ourselves if we are ENOUGH.

Trauma Pyschologist Alaa Hijazi says that people are trying to survive poverty, fear, retriggering of trauma, retriggering of mental health difficulties and therefore this obsession with doing more and productivity doesn’t work in a crisis situation. She continues to say that what we do need is more compassion, more gentle acceptance, more gentle ways of soothing ourselves and others.

The key question is, how is this all affecting our minds?

Mental health is our cognitive, behavioural, and emotional wellbeing – it is all about how we think, feel, and behave. We all have innate mental health, the ability to navigate our experience of life, struggles and challenges. When you feel stronger you are able to process better and also able to choose to react to something i.e: that social media post that I talked about above, initially made me angry but now I choose to ignore it and do something positive by writing about it and thinking about it in a different way.

So how can we feel stronger in ourselves and use our resilience in this uncertain time? I have given some top tips under three areas:

Cognitive wellbeing is how we think: do you struggle with brain fog? Overthinking? Have issues with scarcity?

Some great activities to do for our thinking are:

  • Keep moving and stretching
  • Get enough sleep and regular breaks during the day
  • Mindful and mediation tools and techniques including sound healing, yoga etc
  • Use a gratitude technique
  • Uplifting podcasts
  • Keep learning

Behavioural wellbeing is how we behave: do you often behave in a way that leaves you lost and confused? Do you put pressure on yourself?

Some great activities to do for our behaviour are:

  • Live in the present (difficult at this time but trying not to focus on the past or too far in the future is beneficial)
  • Ask for help
  • Communicate with others
  • Be honest about feelings, don’t bottle up those feelings
  • Have a loose schedule for the day, deal with what you can control, let go of what you can’t control.

Emotional wellbeing is about how we feel: do you struggle with overwhelm? Feelings of being over stretched and burnout? Have low energy?

Some great activities to do for our emotions are:

  • Accept the feelings that you have
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Purposeful action each day
  • Keep creating, writing, planning
  • Journaling
  • Know that life is still worth living rather than only existing

Ask yourself this question: what meaningful activity will I do today to ensure I am at my best and have purpose each day? Another question to ask yourself is when you look back at this time, what do you hope that you had done for yourself? Asking yourself this now may give you some clarity on what you value.

Call me today to gain control over your mental health and wellbeing.

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