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Business Goal Setting Ideas

By Sanchia Aronberg
Monday, December 16, 2019

Keep calm and achieve your goals in 2020: 12 things to do now to help with goal setting next year!

I am sitting here planning for my business in 2020! Something that I do for myself and also my clients is take the time to reflect first. This helps with so many things including confidence, feeling grateful and also shaping goals. Have you made time to reflect recently? If not take a look at my 12 things to do before the end of the year list and see what you need to do before you start thinking about your 2020 planning:

  1. Review your goals, action plans and business plan
  2. Take a good look at your social media, marketing insights. What worked well and what didn’t work well?
  3. What were your business highlights of the year?
  4. Be grateful, write a big list of everything that you are grateful for in 2019
  5. Thank you messages, follow ups – tie up any loose ends before your new year
  6. Celebrate successes and your proudest moments
  7. Think about your words of the month/year: did you achieve what you set out to do?
  8. Review your monthly business figures, do you know your money in/money out. Did you meet/exceed targets?
  9. What were your strength areas this year? Continue doing more of this.
  10. What did not work and needs reviewing or changing? Do less of this.
  11. Schedule as much as you can for the next couple of weeks, that way you can relax more 😊
  12. Set your intentions for the new year, what is your word of 2020?

Is there anything that you would add?

Until next time….

At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.


If you would like to do these 12 things with someone, why not book in a session to review and reflect on your year? I do this on a monthly basis with many clients and it helps supports goals and performance of the business. As a Performance Coach, I believe this is essential for successful business owners.

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