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Guest Blog - Habits

By Emma Grounsell
Monday, February 11, 2019

I love a bit of chat about habits! and I'm delighted to feature a blog on this subject from Emma Grounsell of Adminwise

A habit is an acquired behaviour or thought pattern that you have repeated so many times that it has become almost unconscious. Habits can be both helpful and harmful.

Habits are beneficial because they're automatic. We engage in habits without thinking, which frees our brains up to focus on other things. When we have good habits, like arriving at work on time or being optimistic, we create a positive, ingrained forward motion that we don't have to think about. We can then use our energy to focus on things that need our special attention.

However, the same is true of bad habits. We engage in these behaviours without much thought, and they can damage our personal lives and careers without us being aware of them.

My January blogs were about how New Year resolutions don't work. My client Lizi wrote about how resolutions should be about feeling instead of doing and both blogs included information on how important habits are so here is some more on habits and your admin: Read Emma's blog here

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