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Ideas to cope with a business during summer holidays

By Sanchia Aronberg
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Summer slowdown

It is nearly that time where you may be working a little less because you are off on holiday, clients need less from you or you have limited childcare. Or perhaps all three?!

Whatever the reason it seems that in the UK in July and August there is a summer slowdown. Something that I do for myself and also for clients is start to plan and set expectations now so that you can do more with less time and still have time to do something for you and your wellbeing each day. So the first question is what do you want it be like?

Do you want the time off? Do you want a balance of work/family time and me time? Do you want to be present when you need to be and not worry about work when you are not meant to be working? Do you want to have new clients and continue as business as usual? Perhaps it is a combination of all of this?! The first thing to consider is: priorities, priorities, priorities.

Priorities and getting organised go hand in hand. Everybody has their way of being a bit more organised, I personally am a list queen but this does not work for everybody. If you set a schedule now that will really help with setting expectations for you and also for clients too.

Getting organised ideas:

  • Take the time to plan
  • Dedicate time to focus
  • Focus on the right things and invest your time correctly and more business will come your way.

Easy things to say right? Here are some further ideas from my networking community:

Sam Strong from Strong Wills says: I’m scaling down during August. Not seeing any clients but going to do all the admin jobs that need doing e.g. filing, redrafting forms and contracts and revising processes. My littlest will be in nursery still and I’m booking my oldest into a few summer clubs so I will get some work done in that kid free time.

Emma Grounsell from AdminWise has some great ideas including: I do early mornings, evenings, swap childcare with a fellow business mum and tap up the grandparents for additional help.

Sarah Holmes from Sarah Stephens Photography says: I try to work 'normally' but schedule in fun days - I am lucky that having an 'adult' child for the last few years I can leave him to it most days but I am mindful that we need to get out and do things too. As a single parent I have always had to adopt this strategy. Now having a teenager I work in the mornings before he gets up! Also I usually work on product development at this time as I get fewer bookings - that way I can really flex my working schedule.

I will be doing some work but on reduced hours. I'm letting my clients know when I'll be available and I won't be doing any 1:1s. I've got an Excel spreadsheet colour-coded with days out, days husband is at home, days I'm working, days daughter is training etc. It's a work of art! 🤩 My husband's rota means he doesn't work Mon/Tue which means I can work those days and I'll be doing some work in the early morning and evenings when I can. I'm also doing some childcare swaps with a friend. Great advice thanks Sarah Stiffin from Sarah Stiffin Online.

Holly Beddoes says: I already do a lot of my work in the evenings so will continue to do that. I find that as long as I plan my time I don’t stress so much about not working in the day and can enjoy the family time a lot more

Thanks Danielle Heath from the Business Mum’s Hub for these top tips: It’s definitely a balancing act but being organised and planning in advance helps. I’ll schedule my social media in advance, complete admin in the evenings, use summer camps for the children (my little boys goes football camp) which will allow me time to work and I’ll schedule some of my events in the evenings too so it doesn’t impact time with the children.
I won’t be starting any new projects during the holidays and I’ll just plan my time more effectively.
On the plus side lots of days out and lots of opportunity to connect and meet new people with the children in tow.

Claire Baker says: This is the first summer with my new business but I'm used to working on it in the evenings around my other job & kids. Definitely planning needs to be done but also some spontaneous connections can be made

What if you start feeling overwhelmed? Some ideas that have helped me and also my clients:

  • Systems/process/strategy - focus on some simple processes and strategies to put in place. They don’t need to be time consuming and difficult, all systems should help you to work more efficiently.
  • Focused time - how often do you spend working on your business? Planning and focusing your time can really help with clarity and goals.
  • Ask for help – have trusted business buddies, mentor, Coach (!) or networking friends who can all support you, if you ask for it!
  • Spend less time on your own – a shameless plug for my co-working club How different does it feel when you get out to an energising event, coffee shop or co-working space?
  • Take time out - doing this is so powerful and reflection is something we rarely make time for.
  • Self care - remember to look after yourself first.

There is still time to get support – how can I help you?

I'm offering a one hour one to one business wellbeing health checks for those businesses who would benefit from some clarity and being clear on where to start or which direction to take. Find out more by getting in touch with me.

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