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My Story

By Sanchia Aronberg
Monday, April 16, 2018

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style"

Maya Angelou

Sanchia Aronberg

Welcome to my new website! It has been a long time in the making but I am delighted to have now changed business names officially. I can’t wait to help support more local business owners, and  am looking forward to seeing you soon at one of my events or at local events. Come and say hi, I do love a chat!

A little bit about me…  I was born in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand when I was thirteen years old.  I now live in the UK with my gorgeous hubby and two wonderful kiddies, who are 5 and 3. They make my life busy, complete and full of joy. The three of them are my purpose for working hard and wanting to achieve more and more. My mum had her own Recruitment business in South Africa and I was always so inspired by her hard work and dedication, and she continues to inspire me with her continued successes in her life and career.

I am a classic corporate crossover; I have worked in large corporate companies for many years and then after having my son I started my own business, he was one at the time. I wasn’t quite prepared for the massive change - no IT department, no marketing help, no office or colleagues. There are many positives too of course - flexibility around the kids, no boss, no meetings for the sake of having a meeting, I can make decisions very quickly and have full responsibility of my business brand!

Five years on, one business name change (I used to be Aronberg Training), I have learnt a lot but it has been difficult and there have been times when I have felt like an imposter, had anxieties around not feeling good enough, not felt successful and struggled with juggling work and home life. A number of things have helped me to feel more confident and successful and I love sharing this with others.

So, we are known as the ‘do it all’ generation. I am on a mission to get people to feel less isolated in their business and also get people to collaborate more so that you don’t end up doing everything yourself.  I support women with their business wellbeing. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs with small and micro businesses, from start up to sustainable growth, to achieve more and if we can do that together then everyone wins. I give you the support you need because I know how hard it is to work on your own or in a small team.   With extra support you will have clarity of goals. With new processes, strategies and systems in place you will be more confident, focused and so less frustrated and overwhelmed. With accountability you will perform better and achieve more so that you can do more of what you love and celebrate success, big or small, which is another good thing for your confidence.

There are so many coaches these days and each coach will have their specialisms. As a Business Wellbeing and Growth Coach I help women to DISCOVER their purpose and get clarity on their goals, DEVELOP their strategies, tools and processes to focus on the right thing at the right time and DO – the fun bit – helping you action your goals and providing accountability to help you feel on track and motivated.

I am a collaborator.  Let’s be honest, sometimes in business and working on your own it can get frustrating and difficult.

I am a supporter but don’t take my word for it, this is what a client recently said about me:

“The opportunity to gain ideas and inspiration from others in the group was so valuable, and Sanchia was a very knowledgeable and welcoming host, putting everyone at ease”

I am an advisor, helping with new ideas and projects.

I am a motivator, helping you move forward and not giving up.

I can help you to decide what is important, expand your options and get a fresh perspective. I can help you get more focused, have more balance, time, energy and money through setting and achieving realistic goals. I just love supporting women in business, mums, mums in business, female entrepreneurs!

Until next time….


"I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that's me."

Maya Angelou

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