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Re-entry anxiety

By Sanchia Aronberg
Thursday, July 9, 2020

What do I mean by re-entry anxiety?

As we now move into less restrictions on us due to covid-19, our facilities are opening up more and there are certainly more people out and about and more cars on the road. On the 4th of July pubs, restaurants and many other businesses reopened; great for businesses and great for the economy however many did not venture out due to many still shielding and many, like myself not quite ready to return to normality, just yet!

We all have our reasons, mine is because I don’t want a second peak so my strategy for re-entry is a slowly slowly approach. What is your method for moving forward? I have been chatting about this on a LinkedIn post, have a look at the fascinating responses!

We may have experienced re-entry before at times in our lives, perhaps returning to work after maternity or paternity leave. After a period of long term sickness or coming back to the workplace after secondment? In this blog I consider some of the things to consider for yourself and also if you are a Manger or Business Owner, things to consider for your employees.

Two areas to be mindful of with re-entry is stress and anxiety. A little bit of pressure may be a good thing to help us feel motivated and engaged at work however some of the signs to look out for is how we feel emotionally, mentally and physically and being aware of how this affects our behaviour. If you have ‘out of control’ feelings consistently such as overwhelm, headaches, feeling tired all the time, snapping at people and constant worrying it is important to try and tackle these stressors and seeking out support or considering some coping strategies.

Some fantastic resources for stress management are:


Combat stress –

  • Page 44 in the i-act Managing and Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing

From time to time we all experience anxious thoughts and re-entry may be a time when this will happen. Such symptoms of anxiety are considered to be very normal and natural emotions. If, however, the level and symptoms of anxiety were to more significant and having an effect on our overall wellbeing and day to day life, it may be beneficial to seek some help and support.

Signs and symptoms may wary from person to person and may affect you physically, behaviourally, emotionally and you may have cognitive signs too.

Some useful resources are:

Anxiety UK –

Anxiety Care –

Anxiety Alliance –

Other thoughts to consider:

  • ensure that measures have been put in place for social distancing and in line with government advice.
  • make wellbeing a top priority for you and your workplace. The 5 ways to wellbeing and additional tools, signposting and support may help this.
  • Share timely, transparent information with your teams, suppliers, clients and business supporters.
  • support employees and managers with training and development, ahem mental health training anyone? Smile
  • Offer flexibility and allow baby steps if that is what some employees need and indeed if you need this for yourself too.

Would you add anything else to this list?

If you need to take control of your mental health for your business wealth, then please do get in touch about my online mental heath courses. The workshops are a fantastic introduction for mental health and offer practical and proactive tips. With my HR experience I am also able to advise on issues such as performance issues that are directly impacted from mental health issues in the workplace. Review the course outline here.

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