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What is holding you back?

By Sanchia Aronberg
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

What is holding you back?

If something is currently holding you back from your vision and goals, then take a look at some of these practical steps for moving forward.The six month growth and success club programme that I am currently running has a theme, awareness, action, accountability.

The reason why is because all of the lovely business owners that I help know what it is that they NEED to do. We all know what will make us feel happier, healthier and what is good for our personal growth but despite knowing, we often don’t always act on it!

Awareness is so important because if we are aware of what is holding us back then we can do something about it or not, awareness does not always equal change, it is a choice!

Take one thing that is currently holding you back, it is lack of confidence? Low mood? Overwhelm? Lack of confidence? Imposter syndrome? Negative thinking? Be specific on what it is and then see if any of the advice below can help you. Some of the most common areas of what is holding back business owners are the following, do you identify with any?

Is it fear?

Self-doubt in business can be very all consuming and stop us from doing the things we love and are good at. An article from Entrepreneur Europe gives some fantastic advice and tips on moving on from self-doubt:

Does any of this resonate with you? What do you do when you feel fearful?

Is it overwhelm? What helps with overwhelm?

  • Systems/process/strategy - focus on some simple processes and strategies to put in place. They don’t need to be time consuming and difficult, all systems should help you to work more efficiently.
  • Focused time - how often do you spend working on your business? Planning and focusing your time can really help with clarity and goals.
  • Ask for help – have trusted business buddies, mentor, Coach (!) or networking friends who can all support you, if you ask for it!
  • Spend less time on your own – a shameless plug for my co-working club Smile  How different does it feel when you get out to an energising event, coffee shop or co-working space?
  • Take time out - doing this is so powerful and reflection is something we rarely make time for.
  • Self care - remember to look after yourself first.

Am I feeling anxious?

A little anxiety and worry can be very useful. Anxiety’s most important function is to prepare you for the possibility of danger in the future. It becomes a problem when triggered too frequently, is too intense or you can’t turn it off.

Once you are aware of what is stopping you from moving forward you can put a plan in place. Doing one small activity each day, every day will lead to big things. Also believing in yourself will massively help with pushing through that barrier of doubt or fear.

Accountability is the last thing on my list, speak to a friend, mentor or coach about your plan. If you are aware of WHY you would like to change something and if you have a plan in place, the last puzzle piece is being accountable to that action. It just works! Remember to be kind to yourself along the way and celebrate those small wins!


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